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Paper Art

Sometimes I like to do things outside of the computer. Here are some of the pieces I've made.

Yo prefiero la selva

I made this piece to raise awareness about the impact on the environment of a mega project that's being developed in Mexico. You can see other artist's pieces by searching #yoprefierolaselva on instagram.



Axolotls are a species endemic from Mexico. The most common variation is the dark one, but the albino one is widely used for scientific research. This lovely couple was made for the One Million One Month project.


Ranita Celestial

This is the Ranita Celestial, share it in order to have good fortune and to have all of your quotations approved.



This bird is an Akohekohe. It is an endangered species endemic from Hawaii. It is critically endangered. It was made for 2020's One Million One Month project.

Paper Art: Inspiration
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