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About me

Yasmín is a nugget that enjoys watching pizza and eating frogs, no, actually is the other way around! She's an animator based in Mexico City. Yasmín enjoys observing human beings as if watching them, for the first time. Like an alien that just arrived on Earth, she is fascinated by nature. Mix all this and put it in a Blender and you have a quirky fun 3D artist that has worked for several animation studios in Mexico City such as Flaminguettes and Pictoline and Clients such as Disney, Meta, Giphy, BMW, Nike and more. She has developed a course alongside Domestika and also shares her 3D knowledge on Patreon. She is available for freelance work.

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Group Shows

Exposición Colectiva Transatlántica

Te quiero mucho galería. Barcelona, Spain, 2022

Mixed Fruit

Leimin Space. Los Angeles, California, 2022

Arcade Madness

La Mole (Centro Citibanamex) , Mexico City, 2020


No Estamos Todas en Viernes Residente. Ciudad de México, 2019

Pictoplasma  Alumni Exhibition

Neurotitan Galery. Berlin, Germany. 2019

Secret Sidekick

Silent Green Kulturquartier. Berlin Germany,  2019

Face Off

Pictoplasma at Whiteconcepts Gallery. Berlin, Germany, 2018

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Talks & Workshops

Modelado 3D y Animación

Universidad La Salle Noroeste, 2022

3D y la vida real

Congreso Click 2022. Universidad del Valle de México. Campus Hermosillo, Cumbres y Reinosa.

Domestika: Kawaii Character Creation in 3D with Blender

Online course developed on 2021 alongside Domestika.

Introducción a la animación

Rayarte 2021. Universidad  San Carlos, Guatemala.

Modelado 3D

Expo Diseño hecho en México 2021. Universidad Simón Bolivar. Ciudad de México.


Universidad Cristóbal Colón. Veracruz, México 2021

Panel: State of the industry – South America

Playgrounds Festival.  Amsterdam, Netherlands  2021

Modelado 3D

Online Workshop on 3D modeling at Gato Gordo. Mexico City

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