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One Million One Month

In 2019 one million species were declared at risk of extintion by The Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).
Over the course of one month I joined the challenge One Million One Month which aimed to raise awareness about some of these endangered species.

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1M1M vol. 3

In 2019 I had a lot of spare time, so every piece was animated and I even managed to complete the challenge. In 2021 I was only able to do my favourite species. Again, I tried to make them look very different from each other. This year I've been experimenting more with materials and with 3D sculpting.

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Before making something in 3D I almost always sketch a little. Sometimes when the subject is difficult, I begin by drawing it with the real proportions and add shadows and details. That helps me understand the shapes it is made of. From time to time I draw it two or three times again but each time reducing the amount of detail. That process leads me to simpler sketch of the subject. Thumbnails are very important especially when making something in 2D.

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