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Galeria Taquera

On january 2021 Revista Bordo invited me to participate in their project Galeria Taquera. The intervention consisted on a paste up in Ciudad Nezahuancoyotl, State of Mexico. Tianguis de belleza is the name of the painting: it depicts my experience in the State of Mexico. My grandma lives in the state, so every vacations since I was a baby I came to visit her. The mosaics show some of the elements I associate with those trips: my grandma's house, the tianguis, some traditional candies and even the pyramids of Teotihuacán. I also decided to incorporate some elements related to the location of the intervention: there's a coyote, a window with a cute sky (it was located at Cielito Lindo Street) and lastly a black pigeon that also has to do with the name of the street. We also made a riso print that you can find at my shop :) Photos by Rodrigo Hernández

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