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Papaya Queen

Papaya Queen is the name of the animation collective I founded together with Elisa Hernández and Azucena Castillo. It all started in 2020, I wanted to make something for the international women's day... I thought the best way to commemorate it was doing something collaborative. We made an animated video that reunited the work of 61 Mexican illustrators and animators. All the frames where digitally painted, then printed, pasted and photographed in Mexico City.

Faunae: Our Policies


Faunae is the third animated collaboration I co-directed with Azucena Castillo and Elisa Hernández. It was made with the aim of raising awareness through animation. The film showcases 54 endangered and vulnerable species cataloged by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Faunae: Video

Agua para Ayutla

In August 2021 we made an animation to commemorate the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. It was our first narrative short film. We decided to make it about an ongoing problematic: the community of Ayutla Mixe of Oaxaca lack of water. The shortfilm was  written by Yásnaya Elena, co- directed by Elisa, Azucena  and me, and embroidered by 22 women including us. It has been selected at Animasivo Festival in Mexico City, Annecy Festival in France and Anibar Festival in Kosovo.

Faunae: Welcome

Papaya Queen is an ongoing project. We make stuff whenever we have time. We've collaborated with 150+ animators and illustrators from many countries. You can find more of our projects at our Instragram

Faunae: Image
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