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MTV Ident

International Women's Day

I was asked by MTV to create and ident to celebrate the International Women's Day. It was super nice working in this project since I had full creative freedom. At the beginning I panicked a bit, but soon I got confident to do what I really wanted. I made a list of things related to IWD and a list of things I like to draw. Two of the key phrases I wrote down were: We are stronger together and women as nature. By merging this concepts I decided to create visual metaphors showing the strength and togetherness among women. I took inspiration from nature (as always), costume design, performance and contemporary dance.

MTV: IWD: Our Policies
MTV: IWD: Video


The ident is divided into 6 scenes, 5 of them explore different nature elements through costume design and movement. Trees, lava, ocean tides, storm clouds and weeds. As the animation progresses we see the women getting closer to each other.

MTV: IWD: Portfolio
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